What is a Book? Star Trek Edition!

Captain Picard holding one of his prized books in Next Generation

This episode launches a series of discussions that allow us to embrace our love of Star Trek. We boldly go where other book historians have gone before and tackle “the future of the book.” Spoiler alert: even in the twenty-fourth century, the printed book is still not dead!

Much like the twenty-first century, the book takes many forms in the future envisioned by Star Trek creators: audio, digital, print, and holographic. Form serves function and, possibly, genre. (Don’t want the rest of the station to know you’re reading Vulcan Love Slave!)

You can listen to the episode here. Is Laura a Changeling? Because she DOMINATES our trivia game. (An attempt at a Dominion joke.) Play along and test your Next Generation knowledge!

Our upcoming discussions will focus on The Royale from The Next Generation Season 2, Episode 12 and Worst Case Scenario from Voyager Season 3, Episode 25. We will also be exploring Star Trek books (i.e. books inspired by the franchise).

Intertextuality of the future? Captain Janeway exchanges physical books with her fictional friend from the holodeck program Fair Haven in Voyager.

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