About Us

We are four book nerds.

Originally from the United States, Ellen is a doctoral candidate in book studies and a research associate at the University of Münster. She has a background in Chinese literature and transnational studies. Some of her bookish interests are alternative and non-professional publishing, women in book history, illustrations, and the book in the digital age.

Erin has degrees in International Relations and French, as well as National & Transnational Studies. She is currently pursuing a second Master’s Degree in Library Science. Her patronus is a salmon.

As a child, Laura had a tendency to judge books by their covers, which surely played no small part in her (late-in-life) interest in book studies. Currently working on an M.A. in National and Transnational Studies, she can be easily distracted by research on censorship, the impact of publishing on minority populations in the US in the early 1800s, and manuscript porn. May or may not have a skeleton named Wynkyn de Erde (aka Kevin) in her garden.

Natalia holds degrees in linguistics from Russia and literary studies from Germany. She lives in Münster, Germany. Among her interests are book and publishing history, the digital life of reading communities, and contemporary anglophone literature.