Episode 11: Font or Digital Humanities – special edition

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In the new special episode of Biblio Banter Natalia interviews Annika, Tim and Anton about their studies in Digital Humanities. Together they try to define Digital Humanities and its place in the larger picture of the filed of study, revisit game Font or Cheese (see episode 4: Tittle*ating Typography) and discuss some good books.

DH practitioners experiment in the area “born of the encounter between traditional humanities and computational methods.”

Why the Digital Humanities Matter by Mark Bowles

Here are some useful links

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Digital Humanities at the University of Stuttgart
Digital Humanities – Leiden University
Digital Humanities Quarterly
The game we played in this episode Cheese or Font

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Episode 9: On Student Journals; or, A Tale of Humanities and Funding

In the new episode of Biblio Banter, Ellen interviews Laura and Natalia about the student journal, Satura, they started in the beginning of 2018. A lot of bragging and (bitter)sweet memories ensue.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Want to take a closer look at this student-made publication? No problem. Here you can download Volume 1 (2018) of Satura from the University of Münster’s website for free!

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What are your experiences with peer-reviewed or student journals? Have you applied to or been published in a digital journal of any kind? Share your publication stories with us! Comment here or on our Twitter page.

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Hot off the press! Issues of Satura wait to be picked up by student contributors and staff.