Reading marathons on BookTube

In the new episode of Biblio Banter podcast Natalia is interviewing a BookTuber Faye from FayesParallelStories! Are you ready to read for 24 hours straight? How about 48? Or a month of reading Victorian novels with numerous strangers on the Internet? BookTube offers these and much more.

One would wonder what rules are there to join a marathon. In our episode we try to make a list of what you need to know about reading marathons, or readathons. Faye, a book blogger and our guest specialist on all things BookTube, will tell us about different organisation strategies, definitions of readathons, rules that are made to be broken and advantages of book marathons for readers.

Listen to us on Apple, Spotify, or any other platform of your choice! We also have Instagram where you can leave you comments, or come by our Twitter account to discuss a book or two. We would love to hear from you.

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