Episode 5: (Re)Covering Rebecca Pop-Up Exhibit

From inside joke to temporary exhibition, in this episode Laura and Natalia interview graduate student Laura Schmitz-Justen about her project “(Re)Covering Rebecca: A Critical Look at the Cover Design History of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca.” This 1938 classic novel has gone through dozens of reprints, adaptations, and covers, many of which are exhibited.

From left to right, a cover Schmitz-Justen finds problematic and one she favors.

The question naturally arises, what role do covers play in marketing books? How do they promote genre and attract (or repel) certain audiences? Listen to the discussion here. American, British, and German editions, as well as a few Rebecca objects, such as a CD from the musical adaptation and a mug, are among the items showcased and discussed. Stop by to check out the exhibit before December 2019!

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster English Department Library Johannisstrasse 12-20 Second Floor (Ask at Reception)

Early cover, modern classic cover, 80th anniversary edition cover, and musical poster

For a closer look at what was mentioned…

Musical Adaptation

Vogue Article and Bookbub Blogpost on Netflix Film Adaptation

UK Publisher Virago: Virago’s 80th Anniversary Edition of Rebecca

Taking back the word, the meaning of virago

Sarah Waters’ cover designs by Virago

Bestsellers: A Very Short Introduction by John Sutherland

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